Rev. Jim Kelsey will be our guest on Sunday, August 9

 Jim Kelsey, Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of New York State, began his ministry as pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia. He went on from there to the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Mansfield, Ohio. After that Jim and his wife Debbie, an American Baptist pastor, served with International Ministries as missionaries in Europe. They worked with Dutch-language churches in Flanders and then moved to Italy where they served primarily with churches of African immigrants. Debbie worked extensively with young women who had been trafficked into the country, and Jim provided theological training for immigrant pastors. Jim also taught courses in Vietnam for Baptist pastors. Jim and Debbie came to New York in August of 2012. Jim’s priority for the Region is to add value to the ministries being practiced by Region churches. In addition, Jim is committed to helping churches develop the competencies to assess and minister to their communities as those communities and our culture changes and to offer international and in-state mission experiences for members of our churches. ​Jim studied accounting in college and received an M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in New Testament from that same institution in 1990 under the seminary presidency of Dr. Roy Honeycutt.